Front page whithout footer

My footer it was in the classname .wrap, only for my front-page.php.
I need this element html :

thank you

You could create a base-page-home.php and page-home.php and take it from there.

Then you can manipulate the base as you please and call out either the current parts or create new ones just for your home page.

these links might also help you:!msg/roots-theme/bptVrop0ONo/xA4skKQk8k4J

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Thank you, I undestand now how that works :smile:

But in my page base-page-home.php, I have the “footer template” after the wrap but none in my code ?
the last line <?php get_template_part('templates/footer'); ?>
I take off the <?php if (roots_display_sidebar()) : ?> and that works, but it was misterious that ?

<div class="wrap container" role="document">
        <div class="content row">
          <div class="main <?php echo roots_main_class(); ?>" role="main">
            <?php include roots_template_path(); ?>
          </div><!-- /.main -->
          <?php if (roots_display_sidebar()) : ?>
          <aside class="sidebar <?php echo roots_sidebar_class(); ?>" role="complementary">
            <?php include roots_sidebar_path(); ?>
          </aside><!-- /.sidebar -->
          <?php endif; ?>
        </div><!-- /.content -->
      </div><!-- /.wrap -->
      <?php get_template_part('templates/footer'); ?>


Please see below. I hope this helps visually.

You can see in the above email the layout of the initial base page.

The footer is separate and not located in the Wrap div.

Yes, but where it was ?
I fixed my problem, but try undestand, thank you for your help :smile: