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General questions regarding Wordpress and PHP development (with Bedrock)

Hello, I’d like to start by saying that I’m not very experienced on web development. I hope despite the generality of the question, that this is not a bad place to make this question.

Some background

When I started making my own site on Wordpress, I began by making all the changes on my own theme, without separation or even a package manager, directly inside the single Wordpress content files directory. I since then moved it to a npm package outside the web root, where I separate the plugin from the theme (although they still depend on each other anyway), and automated the build process with Gulp. This has proven much better, and it feels more “correct” to how I am supposed to develop a Wordpress site, I even moved the hard coded Wordpress paths to an environment file!

I am trying to understand Bedrock. I’ve learned how to use it, but I’m still not sure what is it supposed to be for my application/site. Is it like a tool the developer is only meant to use to deploy/develop? In the same way as say npm or composer, they’re not part of my app, they’re a tool to use for it. And if so, am I supposed to edit the composer.json, file, for instance? Should I change the name an author there? Do I put the whole directory inside my repository, and my npm package? Or do I just make a different one for each plugin/theme I develop inside?

Sorry if the question might even seem a bit silly, but I feel like there’s a whole world of higher level development tool concepts —things developers actually do/use—, that seems like common knowledge. If anyone knows a guide, book or any other reference introducing modern web development practices (Wordpress or not; front or back-end; PHP or JS, not about the language but the development process/practices), I’d really appreciate if they would recommend it to me.

I’d recommend reading through this to get an idea of why the pieces of the Roots stack work the way they do, and what their purpose is:

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