Getting followers/likes from Social API's

I’m currently in the middle of rewriting the code-base of my company’s website and the CEO was extremely keen on keeping a plugin that fetches followers/likes from our social page’s for the “social proof” it adds to our site.

Me being stubborn was not willing to let go the fact that the plugin he’s currently using, as well as every alternative out there, either go extremely over the top in terms of functionality or take it upon themselves to bring in 6 different javascript libraries, FontAwesome along with 10 other icon fonts (customization!1!1!), and are overall terribly written.

Thus, SocialProof was born. SocialProof is a clean, fluent composer package allowing you to fetch followers from various social platform API’s with ease.

While it provides no caching out of the box leaving that up to the end-user, here is a quick and dirty example of doing this yourself with Sage 9 using the Transient API as a temporary store to keep our follower count up to date, and the Options API for keeping a backup in the event our API request fails due to invalidated credentials, API downtime, etc. For example sake, we are going to do this in our App controller.


namespace App\Controllers;

use Sober\Controller\Controller;
use SocialProof\SocialProof;

class App extends Controller
     * Fetch our social followers from the provided platform.
     * If our follower count is not available, we will attempt to fetch it.
     * @param  string $type
     * @return integer
    public static function social ($type)
        $key = '_social_followers';
        $followers = get_transient($key) ?? [];
        $cache = get_option($key, []);

        if (!empty($followers[$type])) {
            return $followers[$type];

        $facebook = SocialProof::social()
                            ->setDefault($cache['facebook'] ?? 0)

        $twitter = SocialProof::social()
                            ->setDefault($cache['twitter'] ?? 0)

        $followers = [
            'facebook' => $facebook,
            'twitter'  => $twitter
        set_transient($key, $followers, 60*60*24);
        update_option($key, $followers);

        return $followers[$type];

This allows us to use {{ App::social('facebook') }} from within’ our views to grab our count for Facebook. The example above is meerely just that, an example, and type checking as well as even putting your available platforms into an array to compare against $type would more or less be necessary for real-world use.

Using ACF would come in handy for the ability to enable/toggle social platforms as well as store the API credentials that are passed to SocialProof.


Hi, This is great. But can i use socialproof to get followers count from other websites or Twitter accounts ?

As of right now it would be possible but it is specifically built around getting getting self-follower counts. I’d be open to any pull requests to potentially allow an array of usernames to get passed and if an array of usernames is detected, return an array or object containing username => count – this would have to be done on each provider as well as making sure the API endpoints are going to a location that would be able to pull that data. Some API’s are more strict than others, so milage may vary no matter the approach.

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Hi @Log1x
Thanks for your answer. It makes sense. I will pull this request. I’m sure this option will interests many developers :wink:
Here it is: