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Getting forum updates. Can I do better than email?

Does anyone have a better solution for staying engaged with the forum than watching with email alerts? This is a general issue I’ve had with contributing to projects like roots that also applies to stuff like stackexchange and wordpress forums, so I thought I’d ask here since you’re all pretty savvy.

I hate trawling email notifications for something useful, then by the time you find something there’s not much point contributing. Also, I’m not always in a position to engage with a project, but when I am, I don’t want to go through the last couple weeks of topics, I just want to keep half an eye out for current topics I can connect with.

I’ve looked at RSS feed desktop notifications, which seems promising but I thought I’d see if anyone has a better way, maybe there’s some obvious answer and I’m way out of touch?

Other than the RSS feed I’m not really sure. We have the RSS feed from Discourse hooked up to a Slack channel to get notified when there’s new threads.

There’s also which shows the latest posts

I briefly tried searching topics on for a better idea and couldn’t find anything

You could plug into an action that you create with (e.g. when a new feed entry matches your keyword, send an email).

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Cheers Ben, I hadn’t thought about integrating RSS in slack. That’s probably better than a standard RSS reader, since it has desktop notifications, the forum updates won’t jam up my article feeds and I can leave it open while I’m free to communicate and ignore it otherwise. Good solution. Thanks for looking into it.

Log in every few hours like me :wink:

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Thanks Mike, that’s another elegant solution but I don’t think it’s possible to know in advance the keywords that I would be able to contribute to. Think I’m gonna go with Slack, seems pretty versatile with search and desktop notifications etc, plus I’m already using it with the Make Wordrpress channel.