Getting satispress to work

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I have a problem that I’ve tried to debug for a while. (It might not be a Trellis issue.) The problem is that installation of private packages from my satispress repository during deploys fails.

The error message is The '' URL required authentication (HTTP 401). You must be using the interactive console to authenticate.

I do have the credentials in auth.json next to composer.json.

When I ssh into production (ssh, go into the release directory and run composer update manually, it executes successfully, without requesting an interactive console.

If I then exit the ssh shell and re-run trellis deploy production, the deploy goes through fine.

What may be causing this?

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You need to add the following to your vault.yml-file for each env:

    admin_password: xxx
      db_password: xxx
      auth_key: xxx
      secure_auth_key: xxx
      logged_in_key: xxx
      nonce_key: xxx
      auth_salt: xxx
      secure_auth_salt: xxx
      logged_in_salt: xxx
      nonce_salt: xxx
      - { hostname:, username: xxx, password: satispress }

Let me know if that works out for you…

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Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.

I thought my vault.yml files looked exactly like the example above. Closer inspection revealed a tiny but important difference: instead of, I had indicated the hostname as (that’s the repository’s composer url, according to the satispress plugin).

So, problem solved by changing to simply

Thank you!

@swalkinshaw I would love to contribute a small page for the documentation, where would I start?

Probably this page? Composer HTTP Basic Authentication | Trellis Docs | Roots

You can contribute to