Getting started issues - browsersync reloading

Being a sage fan, I’ve decided it’s time to start using v9 for a new project I’m working on but o just can’t get started and things working properly.

I’m having issues with browsersync not seeing any changes in ANY .php file. Js and css changes force a reload of the page but changing any .blade.php or .php file does nothing. Refreshing the page (localhost:3000) takes 4 or 5 attempts to see any changes and I’m in the midst of dropping back to oceanwp and elementor as it’s starting to drive me crazy.

I’ve tried every option within the discourse for making things work (dev urls, altering config.json) but nothing I try works.

Prior sage 8v with gulp worked out of the box perfectly and watched changes in any file but even editing functions.php, a blade template file does nothing.

I’m using mamp instead of vagrant but everything else works fine (css changes/js) but not php files, any help before I stop and revert back?

I had around the same timing as you - bout 70% done with my first (solo) sage 9 project and have a better handle on it now. It’s definitely a learning curve coming from sage 8. Just want to give you some encouragement, it’s super worth it. I love it now and can’t wait to do the next project. Once you get this issue resolved, be sure to check out sage directives by Log1x and of course check out the default blade directives too, they can help a lot.

Thanks all!

Bit disappointing re the html injection as that was a major factor previously in using roots as it was so easy to create a site and have the live reload working.

Ill plug on as one of my old sage 7 sites is not playing nicely with Gutenberg and its due a refresh so ill use that as a base to work from and see how I get on.

Thanks all

Sage 8 doesn’t have HTML injection. Sage 9 reloads CSS and JS live just like Sage 8.

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