Getting Started

So I have used wordpress for a long time, but I normally just setup a new website on a new shared hosting account, install wordpress via FTP (or softaculous), and then start working from there.

I’d like to start getting a better workflow going…and came upon during that process. But, since I’ve never really used anything like gulp/etc…I’m curious how it all works.

Right now I have a few VPSes that I use for my sites, and just create new shared hosting accounts for new domains.

What will my process look like if I setup bedrock? Will I have a vps that controls the development of the base theme and then use that to provision a new website on the other VPSes? (how does this work with adding new domains,etc…I guess that’s the part I’m trying to figure out). While I do a bit of server management with my VPSes most of my experience is in the UI side of things and using admin panels, etc.