Git push help

Hey guys.

My workflow is as follows when Iā€™m building for a client of mine.
He has a private bitbucket account.

I set up a local empty git repo, download Wordpress into it just by downloading, extracting, then using ampps set up a local domain, etc. I add everything into my git repo, push it

I then go to wp-content/themes and git clone the latest roots. I go back to the root directory, and try to add everything but roots gets ignored. I change my directory back into roots, having to manually add all these files to git, do a seperate commit, and then push everything up.

What am I doing wrong? Git looks like this right now in bitbucket, and is unclickable.

roots ā†’ 91a08216c6ca [91a08216c6ca]

Remove the .git folder in the Roots directory.

That was my solution, thank you.