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Give trellis-cli a shot


@swalkinshaw has recently been working on something is going to save Trellis users a whole lot of time:

What if… you never had to copy/paste salts and passwords ever again? :sparkles:

$ trellis new


# group_vars/production/wordpress_sites.yml
# Created by trellis-cli v0.2.1
# Documentation:

    - canonical:
    local_path: ../site
    branch: master
    repo_subtree_path: site
      enabled: false
      enabled: false
      provider: letsencrypt
      enabled: false
# group_vars/production/vault.yml
# Created by trellis-cli v0.2.1
# Documentation:

vault_mysql_root_password: NVi0@b$@Ra(HxC$d/McHm)OGC5/4K9rwAox%R^v.B-Q*E84iz`c[sd]%(D[Ai1PW
- name: '{{ admin_user }}'
  password: '|vYJUo6~cO-RDV;j/4Js2BwxTpuDf<byv0f/F5Rtb(CbwkH*wIR*Z%P(QfsJ(v$='
  salt: 1rAH`-59:G23z)qD3NkKqM(:z7eF0[10Um(V}9}fxmu1C)TlE)E&)MMB>`BJ1DH2
    admin_password: '*eK7?2=-Ofyx]a]j=PcRv]Ve7iVXlPI9JbL19JPoZWAMOo[xoO4YWYhp#HZ/XS2:'
      db_password: Ds(oZ4I9C9Qg0h!1nUx{AU_dqb4]nKmf!8U,3:XvZuBwII!]Bh(e_wYQqH$YpCJ)
      auth_key: JoBpq^7|.u%$G00&4:Uori2_p`q@*0o2#yPi1S9?RD$L_&*.h6/bwK7p_OeBW[rz
      secure_auth_key: )a^95szGEFSXU4WNPOO%`n]#k(7p79jw-2R&P!}e|P!.$TyB-BGBl-)6z+x~Xz22
      logged_in_key: 3Y&d&;Uw3%GHS/&zp|sfnrCQXh:6fE6JaYov&a|<Sgz-3t$U*[7DcoF#(T{8BAm,
      nonce_key: '%I!~_z5^P,y-[hStD]4VJsvqC=+gE)DX=0Eo0DIVjuEU4m3<3I%(MSXZtN(S_i(R'
      auth_salt: '*HKD8+B|GKM&ZAJ~<>){dDeDBS}M,*YZ9_mvXPmZ?CMR09I%Xg!.I:2pw:5Ju9EV'
      secure_auth_salt: 3Qc8rh#SC^uOO]4]j[1-sr732]OZjwSCDgU)P]r&SssW%@VXy24rsZf;bCQInbiZ
      logged_in_salt: 4y2Kp|zAJD8[/H$haMKj@PyKv:WUmf9k(Qfd:i6dhnJkFMihJA)h5Sn[+7I)Sk4r
      nonce_salt: ETUrG1#YM_nsc),nqI%m;TnSgM`3{c|U=r&X;fOC)6PB|4{eRJ%MNFHD93-v4vh0

What if… you could spin up a DigitalOcean droplet from the command line and provision the server? Pick the region, droplet size, and let trellis-cli do the work (this feature is being worked on currently in a pull request and will soon be merged and released)

$ trellis droplet create production


Try it out and please let us know any feedback or bugs you run into. We plan on documenting trellis-cli as the preferred way to create and manage your Trellis projects.

$ brew install roots/tap/trellis-cli

Homebrew now works on Linux and WSL, too, so we’d really appreciate anyone who can test on those environments as Scott and I are on macOS.

PS. We’d love to have you on the Roots Slack and chat with us about it in real-time, too! Support us on Patreon (your contributions help fund this work!) and come say hi :wave:


The trellis droplet create command is done now and v0.3.0 was released :smile:

Please try it out and let us know how it works.