Glitchy Bedrock Wordpress admin menu

Anyone else experiencing a glitchy Bedrock Wordpress admin menu when using Chrome?
Safari seems fine, but in Chrome I’m getting menu items covering others and items disappearing like below:

I’m using bedrock in a new installation of Trellis. I’ve tested against my previous installation of WP on my MAMP server and it seems fine.

Yeah, I have this problem all the time. Drives me nuts. Has nothing to do with Bedrock or anything from Roots, though. I have this problem on non-Bedrock sites too. Seems to be yet another one of Chrome’s finicky rendering issues.

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Yeah, Chrome is having Some stupid rendering bug:

There’s a mentioned workaround in CSS for admin panel… And I hate having to do CSS workaround for obvious browser bug. Opens wounds IE left :wink:


WP Tavern article says it’s slated to be fixed in Chrome 47. I’m using Chrome 47 right now, and it’s still busted. Chrome has quite a few longstanding rendering bugs. I don’t anticipate this one being fixed anytime soon given their history of not dealing with these bugs, but it’s good to see that you can simply disable slimming paint and that resolves the issue. Thanks for the link. This has been driving me nuts for a while.


Right, like the stupid chromecast bug that gives you javascript errors for no reason in your console. Umm… Hello… I was to see and fix MY errors not yours… that’s why we have your browser…

Chromium doesn’t really do it for me anymore though. But my workflow is admin login left screen with Firefox or Iceweasel and non-logged in developers tools up in Chromium on the right screen, just in case anyone cares lol

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