Google Analytics search tracking using Soil

Using Roots with Soil and want to track site searches. Google allows you to just turn Site Search on and designate the search param see google specs here. I have it set to ‘s’ and ‘search’ but am not seeing any results on the Google site. Anyone have any luck with this?

Thanks for your reply @ben

I’m using Soil nice-search, which changes s to search -not sure what the open issue is. I use the data testing tool but that doesn’t help much. I’m more interested to tracking search terms in google analytics while using soil-nice-search

Sorry, my first reply was irrelevant.

Can you give this a try?

That works as a filter, however there’s a native ‘Site Search Tracking’ in google analytics that has much deeper reporting. All you need to do is give it the param for the site search (you can but up to 5). I specified s, search, /search, /search/ but to no avail. Was thinking Soil was possibly interfering…

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Did you end up figuring out a search parameter for GA that worked? I am having the same issue, wondering if I need to turn off Soil to be able to track site search?

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I had to turn off Soil to get this to work. I tried everything from event tracking, various parameters, editing the search-all basically gave me nothing on the Google side. Turning it off worked…

gotcha - really helpful, thanks!

Curious if anyone knows the proper parameter to enter into Google Analytics. Has anyone tried search/ ? Seems to me that is what takes the place of s= when using Soil.