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Gravity Forms: File doesn't verify against checksum

I started getting these errors from Gravity Forms CLI when deploying:

Warning: File doesn't verify against checksum: languages/....,
Warning: File doesn't verify against checksum: css/....,

I get the same errors when running ‘wp gf tool verify-checksums’ locally on vagrant.

The verify-checksum method is called as part of a custom deploy-after.yml file I created from instructions in another post.

Any ideas how to fix this? Can anyone advise on the importance of the Gravity Forms checksum function? I would imagine that since we have just downloaded the latest files it should be safe enough without checksum.

Got this response from Gravity Forms:

Thanks for letting us know about this issue. It was caused by the validation using an MD5 from an unpublished build following changes to our build processes. You should find the checksums do validate the next time your build process runs.

So hopefully problem solved.

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