Gravity forms not showing

Hi guys,

Gravity forms is recommended as a premium plugin, so i’m hoping there is a fix out there for my issue.

Gravity Forms is not shown in my template. The wrapper is given display: none;.

This is probably because jQuery is loaded at the bottom.

Loading jQuery manually in the , using this and manually adding

  display: block !important;

Makes the form appear, but going to the next step in a form leads to a new tab.

I’m mostly hoping there is a guide/fix to get Gravity Forms working with Sage.

Some progress:
Manually adding jQuery to the head.php and adding display: block !important; to the form allows me to work with the form.

However, conditional arguments are not working, and jQuery is loaded twice due to this bad fix. Has anyone been able to add Gravity Forms to Sage?

There shouldn’t really be an issue out of the box… are you perhaps also using Soil?

Thanks again Kalen.

Apparently I am not a very smart man, i’ve added add_theme_support('soil-js-to-footer'); previously during development.

This is causing the conflict between Gravity Forms and Sage.