Gravity Forms with Sage


I was wondering how people generally approach integrating Gravity Forms into Sage. Gravity Forms states that the don’t directly support integrating GF with Bootstrap and while I’ve done it a few times now in the past it’s never seemed a little hacky.

Would love to know peoples different workflows with GF/Sage or if you personally use another plugin you think works better? :smile:

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From a styling perspective I find that the following SCSS helps. It basically extends Bootstrap’s styles to the Gravity Forms markup so that you don’t have to manually add form-control as a class on all your forms

Disclaimer: I found this somewhere online but can’t remember where, so can’t credit!


You also might want to select “no” for the “output css” option at wp-admin/admin.php?page=gf_settings

I typically add to make things a little more reasonable, then @extend bootstrap classes for GF elements…


Thank you @craigpearson and @mikespainhower!

Those are great time savers!

This is great advice. I’ve used GF on almost every Sage project. Always turn off their rather poor CSS.