Grunt Watch as background task?

Can anyone tell me - if it exists - how to run grunt watch as a background task, so I can continue using the Bash window for Git commands? It is really annoying (small things, right?!) having to have two Bash windows open - one for grunt and one for Git.


$ grunt watch
Ctrl or Cmd + Z halts the job
$ bg // This is what puts it in the background
Now you can run git, but any text from grunt will continue to be outputted.

This works for me in Linux, not sure if OS X would be slightly different

Thanks, i am on Windows but will give it a go. I have a feeling i tried Ctrl + Z and it didn’t work for some reason, but will try again when i am on my dev PC.

Okay, so Ctrl + Z dos not work for me, on Windows.

Sorry man… you’re on your own with Windows, haha… I have no idea what it would be, or if it is possible.

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Does windows not have tabs?

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