Gruntfile and less compiled in main.min.css


I run the command grunt without errors.

Running "clean:dist" (clean) task
Cleaning assets/css/main.min.css...OK
Cleaning assets/js/scripts.min.js...OK

Running "less:dist" (less) task
File assets/css/main.min.css created.

Running "uglify:dist" (uglify) task
File "assets/js/scripts.min.js" created.

Running "version" task
Versioning assets/css/main.min.css...OK
Versioning assets/js/scripts.min.js...OK
"lib/scripts.php" updated with new CSS/JS versions.

Done, without errors.

But when I check the main.min.css file, the information found on it are just my app.less.
None of the other files in bootstraps / *. less are being considered.

My gruntfile.js file is identical to the current version on github repository.

I’m using node.js via nvm. the version of the node is 12:10:25.

has anyone ever experienced this?

hi admin,

u can close this topic.

i found error, for some reason was commented on my app.less the @import to bootstrap.less