Guide request: trellis sage setup on windows

Hello everybody,
I bought the Sage Development book and I’m excited to start working with Sage 9, but I’m on Windows 10 and I’m really confused about how to setup trellis and the development environment…
I would be grateful if someone could let me see the right path to follow, maybe with a step by step guide.
Really sorry to bother but I couldn’t find anything online that make all this process clear (not on windows).

Thanks in advance!!

We’ll be getting some Windows getting started docs up soon - this is what @alwaysblank drafted up initially the other month:

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I’ll follow it.

Sorry to renew this request.
The Windows getting started doc has been updated (
but there’s not a path to follow, I mean, there’s just a list of requirements (and I’ve also to understand why vagrant and virtual box have been removed) but at the end I don’t know where to proceed, if then I have to install trellis or what…

Can you help me making it clear?
Thanks in advance.

The Windows docs are still in development, which is why they’re not yet listed in the “Docs” section of this site. Our team has only a few full-time Windows users on it, and their resources are in high demand at the moment. We definitely appreciate that this is a gap in our documentation at the moment and we’re working to fill it as our time and resources allow.

Thanks for your patience.