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Gulp 4 and Sage 8



That’s my attempt to convert my gulpfile.js to Gulp 4.

But when I run gulp, I get something like this at the console:

[15:52:52] Using gulpfile ~/Projects/clear/web/app/themes/clear2017/gulpfile.js
[15:52:52] Starting 'default'...
[15:52:52] Starting 'clean'...
[15:52:52] Finished 'clean' after 80 ms
[15:52:52] Starting 'build'...
[15:52:52] Starting 'fonts'...
[15:52:52] Starting 'images'...
[15:52:52] Starting 'jshint'...
[15:52:52] Starting 'styles'...
[15:52:54] Finished 'fonts' after 1.9 s
[15:53:02] gulp-imagemin: Minified 1 image (saved 182 B - 0.7%)
[15:53:02] Finished 'images' after 10 s
[15:53:02] Finished 'jshint' after 10 s
[15:53:02] The following tasks did not complete: default, build, <parallel>, styles
[15:53:02] Did you forget to signal async completion?

Has anyone succeeded with Gulp 4?

Notably, gulp.start is gone, so we can no longer use that with Sage 8, and I’m not sure what replaces it, or why it was even used in the first place, exactly.

Can anyone shed some light?