Gulp copying the files in the wrong folder

I installed Blueimp/Gallery with bower: bower install blueimp-gallery --save.
I changed the .bower.json file of Blueimp/Gallery to this (because it do not have one now).
The command gulp puts the svg-files of Blueimp/Gallery to dist/fonts instead of dist/images, and it puts the images to dist/images, but Blueimp/Gallery search them in the not existingdist/img folder.

I also have a similar problame with slick-carousel. That does not file the font files. It looks for them in dist/styles/fonts/, but they are in dist/fonts/

Shall i write a copy function for all these problems?
Or is there a better solution?
Or I do something wrong?

For one, you don’t need to add a bower.json file to the Gallery plugin, you can add any overrides (the files you want from the package) to the Sage bower.json file.

If you are using the css files from the package, then yes, it is probably assuming a specific folder structure. You will need to override the CSS with the proper folder structure for your project in your own CSS.

With something like Slick carousel, you can use their pre-processor files and override the directory variable I am pretty sure.

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@kalenjohnson, thanks for the overrides tip, you are right!

I decided not to overwrite the CSS of the package, but added .pipe(gulp.dest(path.dist + 'img')) to my gulpfile.js, to the fonts and images gulp tasks.