Gulp Errors

This is my first time using Gulp, I had a project up and running and have been developing it the last couple weeks, then I went to go restart my computer and I got a Gulp error. I am/was a Grunt user and the errors were far easier to read and understand. Right now I’m getting this:

‘scripts’ errored after 7.57 ms
[21:28:38] ReferenceError: uglify is not defined
at jsTasks (site/web/app/themes/coreybruyere/gulpfile.js:136:11)
at site/web/app/themes/coreybruyere/gulpfile.js:191:15
at arrayEach…

Is there any way to format Gulp messages? I’m still trying to figure out this error too…

Have you modified the gulpfile.js ? uglify is not defined would seem to mean that it’s not declared as a variable at the top of the file.

npm list --depth=0 

do you have uglify install?

rm -r node_modules
npm install

Yea I must of accidentally deleted that one line or something. . But I reinstalled and included it in the header. It wasn’t only that I had some weird vagrant issues too. But it’s working now, probably mostly user error and paranormal activity. Thanks

Yeah definitely recommend programming with one of these bad boys hanging above your keyboard.