Gulp not Working After gulp --production

I was kind of silly running gulp --production before my theme was complete, now neither of them works(that is neither gulp nor gulp --production) what can i do? it just clears and deleted the dist folder and that’s it.

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Have you tried running just gulp again?

If not, please define “not working” a bit better. Thanks!

Yeah I’ve tried that several times.

It was working fine at first before a run the gulp --production command, and the command did work also.

But after that nothing works when i run any of the commands ( that is gulp or gulp --production ), and am given no error.

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Same problem for me :slight_smile:

EDIT: for now I fixed with git reset --hard

EDIT: after --production, gulp remove the folder /dist, juste re-create the folder and running gulp again and your local site is back