Gulp --Production ate my footer

Just pushed to my demo site with a before deploy hook running all to display the theme correctly:

# Placeholder `deploy_build_before` hook for building theme assets locally
# and then copying the files to the remote server
# Uncomment the lines below and replace `sage` with your theme folder

- name: Run npm install
  command: npm install
  connection: local
    chdir: "{{ project.local_path }}/web/app/themes/ianua"

- name: Run bower install
  command: bower install
  connection: local
    chdir: "{{ project.local_path }}/web/app/themes/ianua"

- name: Run gulp
  command: gulp --production
  connection: local
    chdir: "{{ project.local_path }}/web/app/themes/ianua"

- name: Copy project local files
    src: "{{ project.local_path }}/web/app/themes/ianua/dist"
    dest: "{{ deploy_helper.new_release_path }}/web/app/themes/ianua"
    group: no
    owner: no
    rsync_opts: --chmod=Du=rwx,--chmod=Dg=rx,--chmod=Do=rx,--chmod=Fu=rw,--chmod=Fg=r,--chmod=Fo=r

Running all on developer with just gulp is fine. So something is off here. Header is not 100% on demo site now and footer (with some sidebars including one wrapped in an ACL if this field YES then show) is not being rendered. Should I switch to staging locally and see what is up? Are there way to debug issues when doing gulp --production?

gulp --production doesn’t change anything in your PHP or database, where your footer’s structure and content are set, so unless it’s a style sheet issue (like if you can see the footer in the page source but it’s being hidden from view) I think the problem is with your database, and not with gulp.

Be aware that Trellis doesn’t copy the database when you deploy, so I think the first things I would check are whether the sidebars and ACF fields are set up the same way on staging as they are on dev.


You might also want to make sure there are no PHP errors which are happening before the footer and stopping execution short


I made ACF a must use plugin now and this way it got installed and activated automatically. It was the get_field function that killed the footer as none was there. Also wrapped it in a function_exists now. Looking into a way to wrap all these guys in function_exists blocks. Tried get_meta_post, but the block did not get loaded. But well, that is not really Sage related. thanks for making me think both database setups and thinking again about what gulp --production really does.