Gulp watch not showing js changes unless I HARD RELOAD the browser

The CSS changes seem working fine but sometimes I see some delay in it. But the bigger problem is the JS. I tried adding some test alert during watch but it won’t show up or load unless I hard reload the browser. Anyway, I’m using 8.5.4 version of Sage template.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Are you using Safari? I’ve found it’s caching things way more aggressively since a recent update, effecting both Sage 8 and 9 sites.

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No, I’m using Chrome on Windows 10 system. As far as I can remember, I haven’t had this issue before with previous versions of Sage 8.

And when I tried in other browsers, it seems that the browsers are forced to hard reload every time I have changes. So I can see my changes afterward, but it took longer to load than it should be.

I guess, the issue might came from the newly application I just installed for my local Wordpress site called Local by Flywheel or maybe from the browserSync module itself. I’m not sure as this is my first time using this application with Sage template. :frowning: