Gulp watch

Hi when iam using gulp for compiling less but its getting error.
OS: Window-7 64Bit
node.js version 6.3.0
method what i did?
First i install node.js
Then open cmd and go to the gulp.js folder then
–install npm
– bower install
– npm install gulp-sass@2
after that i did gulp watch but iam getting error.

Error message: fs: re-evaluating native module sources is not **
supported. If you are using the graceful-fs module, please update it to a
** more recent version.

Hey, check your version of Node. I’m guessing you’re running an unsupported version. Sage requires 0.12.x

If you’re running a newer version things will fail, 6 and above I’m pretty certain will make graceful-fs angry.

There’s an npm package called n that I’ve found super handy for this sort of thing. Let’s you switch between node versions simply by entering n in the terminal.

Once you’ve verified you’re running a supported version of node, if you are still having issues rebuild your node modules directory, rm -rf node_modules then npm install then you should be sorted.

Hoop that helps!


Issue is not fixed, I try another system. now issue is fixed anyway thanks for your help.