Had to modify Gruntfile to get plugins and _main.js included

I couldn’t figure out why my JS wasn’t working and realised that Grunt wasn’t including my plugins from assets/js/plugins nor was it including _main.js. I had to modify my Gruntfile as shown to get things working. I thought that Grunt should automatically be packaging up these files without the need to modify my Gruntfile like so? For the sake of getting my site working I have commented out the two lines as shown but I must be doing something else wrong.

I’m using grunt dev and grunt watch as I develop locally.

It looks like two lines below the highlight you commented out 'assets/js/_*.js' which should catch your _main.js file.

Even with them uncommented, it doesn’t. Really weird, in all my grunt projects I have to write the the paths to each file like what you can see here.

Do you see any error messages or warnings when you install grunt or the node packages for each project?

Also, which version of Roots?

Let me get back to you on this, next week I’m setting up a new project so will try to get to the bottom of this and report back.