Handeling end-user personal e-mail. What do you use?

Hi guys!

Hopefully this is the right place to ask about this.

What are you using to provide an inbox to your end-users for your Trellis based project? To provide them with an inbox te send and receive e-mail.

I’m used to setting up G Suite to provide an inbox for clients with their own domain. I look forward to hearing what you’re using!

My clients all have existing enterprise email solutions in place, like G Suite, Office365, or on-premise Exchange, so I’m not usually in the position to have to recommend or set one up.

My recommendation, though, is to go with a solution with good technical support, so that you’re not always on the hook for fixing it when it breaks. Office365 has great support and great reliability.

Great to hear, thanks :slight_smile: I agree. Having ~40 users can drive up costs for the enterprise solutions however.

A business with ~40 users should take their email seriously enough to pay for a proper enterprise solution.