Has anyone used WP Pusher with a Roots/Sage based theme?

I was checking out WP Pusher, which is a plugin that purports to let you easily bring in themes and plugins from a Github or Bitbucket repo with minimal muss and fuss, even on a shared hosting plan without shell access or git on board. I was wondering if anyone had used it and also to ask if it would even work on a shared hosting setup with what Roots does and does not commit to the repo when you commit changes. Here’s what I’m curious about. I am working on a theme for someone locally on my machine with bedrock-ansible and committing my changes as I go to the server. I’d love to be able to use this plugin to automatically pull in changes to my staging server so the client can see the progress as I make commits (I could load some dummy data for all pages and posts – this is more about look and feel at this point). My staging server is currently on a shared hosting plan and I’d like to use this as a test to see just how well something like this works. The first time it’s loaded, would npm install need to be run on the server side to bring in all the dependencies or is that all in the repo? I guess that’s the part I’m least sure about. Would appreciate some feedback on this.

Hard to say, but on almost any shared hosting plan, unless things like npm and grunt/gulp are installed already (and chances are pretty slim of that), you’ll probably have a pretty difficult time getting them installed. You might be able to install it with nvm or sort of… pseudo install it, but that would take some work.

I haven’t used WP Pusher, so I don’t know what it’s capable of.

I use WP Pusher Pro. It works very well with post-deploy hooks added to my Bitbucket private repos. The developer, Peter Suhm, is about to release a version for running composer post-commit. Another option is Github Updater, but it doesn’t support composer (yet).

I’m working with WP Pusher Pro on a new site (Roots 7 only) and haven’t had any issues yet.

No. Assets are compiled/minified locally, so this shouldn’t be an issue (though you might need to update your .gitignore).

Hey Mattrad.

Can you guide me on how to do this?

I want to use WP Pusher, to automatically have my theme updated on my test server, but I don’t want to upload compiled assets to my repo. Thanks.

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