Have tailwind not purge in dev

I’m using latest Sage 10 with Bud 5.2 and tailwind scss.
How can I set it so the tailwind css isn’t purged for Dev?

Tailwind CSS v3 styles aren’t purged, they’re compiled JIT

More info can be found on the Tailwind docs: Content Configuration - Tailwind CSS

ok thanks.
I did read that page already and it.s about how Tailwind finds the classes in use, nothing about how it works or any option to not do it.
But now I know what to search for, I found this useful discussion about why it isn’t an option and a way to test out styles using the CDN.

Cheers for help.

And for anyone like me who likes to fiddle with css in browser, there is always Tailwind Play

You can copy in your own tailwind config.