Having difficulties Deploying a site using trellis to google cloud

I am trying to deploy a site using trellis to a google cloud vm.

Using the deploy.yml script the site deploys successfully and my site is published to the srv folder correctly.

However when I go to access the external ip of my vm instance I get a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED screen.

I dont know if I am missing an important step or if I need to point the vm to the right folder perhaps?

If anyone has had experience deploying to google cloud or may have an idea what may be causing the issue an feedback would be greatly appreciated

What command are you typing in and I able to ssh into the server

I am deploying using the relevant deploy.yml command, the site deploys successfully no problem.

And yes I can ssh into the server, it is when I then visit the site url I get the issue described above.

Right now I’m just doing some guesswork because there is not much to go on but it could be that your http https port’s are not opened. If you don’t mind sharing the URL please do

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