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New at sage/roots.
Have previous experience w/wp/_s.
Are there video tutorials that can get me up to speed faster when it comes to creating a sage/roots theme?
Where do I edit so I can add an header image?


Yep, there’s a screencast we sell on the site for getting up to speed on using gulp and Bower. https://roots.io/screencasts/theme-development-with-gulp-and-bower/

There’s also a book: https://roots.io/books/theme-development-with-sage/

Are you referring to https://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Headers? If not, just open up templates/header.php and make your modifications there.

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Thank you for the links & info.
Will get the screencast vid later today.
Does it also show me how to create a custom page?

No, it shows you how to work with the front-end workflow in the theme and where to write your styles and JS

Everything you are going to do in the starter theme is “custom” - it’s just writing code to make the theme what you want it to be. Please take a look at https://roots.io/sage-should-not-be-your-first-wordpress-theme/

Yes already saw that! It wouldn’t be my first wp theme, & have created custom templates w/_s. So looking for the info that will allow me to do that w/roots.

Sage and Underscores are both WordPress starter themes. Creating custom templates is not any different in Sage.

ok thx. Am sure watching the vid will help. & will start working my way through the info.