Help building the Jack Kirby Museum collections website in Sage 9

The non-profit, The Jack Kirby Museum ( is building a new Collections website to house the 12,000+ digital images. The site is for general appreciation of his art, for researcher and for museum members.

We are looking for help in building the site using the Sage theme with Bootstrap 4. We have a development, local site in process but need help to get templates built and the architecture and structure built. This would be a collaboration job with our digital designer helping to build the site.

We are, of course, a non-profit so our funds are greatly limited. If you are interested in helping please let us know your rate and how much time you could allocate to the work.


I am interested. Do you have an estimated number of hours you expect to need, a timeframe, a scope of work, and functional specs for the site?

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I thus far worked on the site myself so no collaboration.

Great questions and logical ones. I’ll prepare a requirements and functional spec doc soon. Thanks for your response.


I would also be interested.

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Waiting for the specs :grinning:

Hi dghez. I focused on porting all the data into the new bedrock/sage instance and setting up the GIT repository over the past couple of days.

The technical specification document should be ready for posting on Thursday.

Thanks for your interest.


I’m still creating the requirements document and I want to also provide wireframes so this will take longer than I thought. I want to provide as clear information as I can.

Please bear with me. I hope to have this done soon. Thanks