Help! Installed as Wordpress Theme. Got Error locating autoloader

I downloaded sage from the github. I pressed code then download ZIP. Then I went straight to my wordpress and uploaded that zip as a theme. I am guessing I wasn’t supposed to do that because now I can’t load my website or my wordpress. I get this error message:

Error locating autoloader. Please run composer install .

I don’t understand coding too much. I have no idea what that means or how to fix it. I have tried researching it but I don’t understand any of the solutions so I came here. I was simply trying to find a simple base theme to create a personal theme from scratch on wordpress.

If anyone can explain, over-explain like I’m 5 years old, how to reverse this issue and uninstall sage.

Thank you!

Hi, @help12442. Welcome the forum and to the Roots ecosystem.

Sage is a starter theme, which means it doesn’t do much of anything “out of the box”. To create a Sage-based theme from the Sage starter, you’ll need to set up a development environment on your computer (see our “getting started” documentation here).

Developing with Sage is a pretty advanced exercise, which is one of the reasons we say Sage Shouldn’t Be Your First WordPress Theme.

This isn’t to discourage you from trying it, just a word of warning that working with Sage isn’t really like working with other WordPress themes. It’s more powerful, and it’s cleaner, and (in our opinion) better, but it’s a different learning curve.

Good luck! Once you’ve read the docs let us know if we can help any further!

I don’t really want to get started with it I just want to uninstall the theme from my wordpress but I can’t get into my Wordpress which is why I am confused. Is there a simple way to just reverse the uninstall for now? Or do I have to install all those programs first?

I am just looking for the simplest, most straight forward path to get access to my wordpress and uninstall sage.

You can delete the sage directory from your site with FTP or your host’s file manager tool. Navigate to /wp-content/themes/ and delete sage .

The problem was that I couldn’t access my wordpress site or manager at all and was only getting that error. So I couldn’t navigate to the themes page to delete sage. I ended up just removing wordpress from my host completely and reinstalling it to the domain. Which fixed it. Thanks anyways!

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