Help installing TinyMCE

hello peeps.

I am trying to install via yarn TinyMCE.
after laughing yarn add, I import the JS in my route file and a CSS, but I receive two sets of different errors, alterati at each page refresh…

once this

and once

I have build for production in localhost but the folders it’s looking for are non in the /dist/…
I have loaded the whole bunch of CSS in main:
@import "~tinymce/skins/*";

can you support me?

Hello @matteo_maria_ambrogi,

If it’s Sage 10, then you have to add a rule in your webpack.mix.js file.

mix.copy('node_modules/tinymce/skins', 'dist/scripts/skins');

no it was sage 9, but I swapped to medium-editor, much more interesting!

ty :slight_smile:

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