Help! - took site down by adding then removing "production.php" in environments folder

I have taken over a site built with Roots Bedrock and was trying to get WP files writeable. I found this: Make a plugin file writable - #9
So I tried to add the production.php (didn’t exist previously ) in the environment folder. However it didn’t fix the issue. Then when I removed the file the site won’t load at all neither will back end… What have I done? Nothing else was changed…

You might need to tell us more about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Bedrock works best when it’s being deployed using some deployment method, like Trellis, and not edited live in the production environment, which is probably why you’re finding files not-writable.

Did you inherit the deployment method as well as the site, or just the site files on the production server?

If the latter, do you have a compelling reason to continue using Bedrock, or would a traditional WordPress environment make more sense to you?

Thanks very much for this.
Actually no deployment method info was ever given to me… so all I have is access to the files on the server. I had not heard of Bedrock before… I changed folders to 755 and files to 644 and then when nothing changed I realised something else was happening. A traditional WP environment would definitely be preferable.

I’m interested to learn more about it but I would really love to get the site converted to a standard installation. Could you perhaps help with this (if we could hire you?)

any idea why the new file for environment/production.php broke the site (even though I removed it afterwards and nothing else was changed) ??

I don’t know what to do so have just requested to restore the whole site from a snapshot.

If you might be able to help us at some point revert to standard WP installation please let me know. We would be most grateful

I think I’ve posted the broad strokes elsewhere on this site before, but I’m also happy to help out if I can. I sent you a DM.

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