Hi everyone in Roots community - Basic questions about Roots theme framework

Hi Everyone,

I’m a non hard-core programming and a bit lesser Web generalist.
I’m trying to use Roots theme for my simple web site right now for fun :-).
As indicated, my web is very simple and does not need any plugin as my simple form consist of only a few input fields such as:
Names: First Name, Last Name | Email | Text Message …
My question is how and where in wp-class-path i can integrated some good php validator class for server side and java script client side for the simple form.
i’m currently using Contact form 7 you can view it@ dev.owebstudios.ca/wp-testing/contact/
How can i only need some functions call for a reasonable validate input fields…for example:
only characters with certain length for Name field …
All the best for everyone

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem like a Roots specific question, but a PHP specific question. You should probably ask on a website like Stack Overflow.