High Sierra upgrade issues with filesystem

Fresh Trellis install, new problem I haven’t seen before.

I have a list of plugins I’ve successfully installed on heaps of other sites. When I bring them all into this new site, the Plugins page shows no plugins.

There’s a few plugins I can manually remove, and most of the rest show up. If I remove a few select ones (ACF, SendGrid, not sure why these) they’ll all show up.

This is all while all the plugins are deactivated. And using the default theme.

Completely stumped with this one, ideas?

Did you recently upgrade to High Sierra? The new APFS file system has file sharing issues that lead to inconsistencies between what’s local and what’s on the VM.

You can ssh into the vagrant box and list the directory to check.

As a workaround, I created a HFS+ partition and moved my projects there, but there could well be a different fix by now.


Yeah I did :confused:

Is this a problem with Virtualbox or OSX?

It’s the conversion to the new Apple file system that caused the issue.

Apple let APFS ship with the password hint showing the plain text password for encrypted drives. They also only automated the conversion to APFS on SSDs , so it’s obviously not as robust as it was meant to be.

I don’t know what they skipped during the QA process, but hopefully they won’t skip it again next time round.

Wow, Nick called that one


Backs slowly away from the upgrade button

So… does upgrading Virtualbox help or…


Shortly after I upgraded the consensus seemed to be a fix from Apple would be needed. It wasn’t resolved in the latest release that fixed the password hint cockup.

There are a few workarounds though e.g. creating a HFS+ as I mentioned above, or upgrading without the filesystem change. Some have had success with different mount options and/or sharing plugins in Vagrant, so it’ probably best to wait and see.


Solution! Found here.

(Note the most recent OSX supplemental update did not fix this issue)

To prove I had the problem my Plugins page on Development was empty, even though the folder was full. If I SSH’d into the Vagrant box and tried ls in the plugins folder it gave the error reading directory '.': Too many levels of symbolic links

Find this line:
config.vm.synced_folder local_site_path(site), nfs_path(name), type: 'nfs'

Add to the end:
, mount_options: [ 'nolock', 'vers=3', 'tcp', 'fsc', 'rw', 'noatime']

Then Vagrant halt, Vagrant up. Continue about your business.


Is there any potential downside to this fix? Could it negatively affect users on Windows or Linux? If not you should make a PR for it!

  1. I don’t understand Vagrant much at all so not sure what the negatives are, just that it works
  2. This addition is applied after the conditional of whether the user is on Windows or not, so it should only apply to Mac users. But there might be a downside for non High Sierra users?

Thanks Simeon,

This works for me too. I was getting the following error trying to access any folders when SSH’d into the virtual machine:

vagrant@majacmedical:~$ ls
ls: cannot access ‘trellis’: Input/output error

And an HTTP 500 error when trying to access the dev site.

But with that fix, the site is working again! Whew!

Wow! How did you find that?!? Thank you!

I’m also curious how you found this solution. And thanks.

The link’s right there in the post. Google + Github are your friends :smiley:

Oh. Yes. You are right. There it is and I had actually followed it. Been a long day.

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