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Hiring fullstack WP developer for FT contract - fully remote

Looking for fullstack developer, with emphasis in frontend, to work on our wordpress sites full-time as a contractor. The sites are fairly large and require a lot of iteration with new tests and features. You would be working in a team with another developer.

  • Wordpress
  • bedrock
  • templating: sage on 2/6 sites, twig on 1 site, php on the rest
  • webpack and some grunt
  • acf
  • php procedural and oop
  • scss
  • very focused on performance so we don’t use any frameworks like bootstrap, tailwind, etc
  • vanilla js es6 (legacy code is in es5)
  • good with gitflow
  • min 40 hours per week
  • mac os preferred
  • will need to be available for at least 4 hours of MST timezone business hours

If interested, please email me at To learn more about us, visit Thanks!

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