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I’ve used Bedrock/Trellis with previous projects and loved it. I’m also very interested in using as a host because it’s managed and they don’t charge based on traffic. Is it possible to use Bedrock (and maybe Trellis) on


I don’t have specific experience with, but it looks like their Business level supports SSH, so in theory you might be able to deploy with Trellis (provisioning with Trellis on a managed host is usually impossible/pointless). You might be able to adapt these instructions for Kinsta to work with How to Use Bedrock and Trellis at Kinsta (WordPress Development)

Bedrock would depend on how they’ve configured the servers they give you access to, and if they’ll let you reconfigure the webroot. I would be a little skeptical since their service looks like it’s heavily optimized and potentially has some specific infrastructure that wouldn’t play nice with that—but you never know!