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Hosting for a bedrock project, how to configure the server? SiteGround hosting

Hi! Could you please advise hosting for a Bedrock project or give any recommendations for setting up a server?

I know Kinsta supports Bedrock, but they have expensive starting rates. I chose SiteGround as starter hosting, but I can’t deploy the project to it. Here’s what tech support writes to me:

“I’m afraid that your site is very highly customised and we cannot really advise on how to keep this special document root structure on our end. We also cannot change the default document root of sites.
I recommend simply moving the WordPress files to the correct document root:
And using a standard “wp-config.php” file. If you confirm, we can do that from our end - move the files to the document root and replace the “wp-config.php” with a default one. Apart from this, I’m afraid I can only recommend consulting a professional developer or the company which advises you to use such a custom structure. If they suggest any server-side changes, we will be happy to assist you with them as long as the hosting environment allows it.”

But I do not want to somehow change the structure of the project, because the project is tracked by GIT. For local development I use MAMP with Apache just changing the root document.

What do you recommend? Perhaps you know another hosting that supports Bedrock? Any advice on setting up the environment.

I’ve made it work for clients that use siteground. I deleted the public_html directory and quickly created a symlink called public_html that points to the bedrock /web directory.

Here’s a guide from another hosting company explaining the process. It’s not bedrock specific so the paths will look different. In your case the “new_document_root” part might look like ~/www/

You need to connect to the server via ssh and you have make the changes quickly so the servers doesn’t create another public_html directory. It helps to write the two lines out in a text editor so you can quickly paste them into your terminal. *note this only works if you’re not using the public_html directory for anything else.


Thanks for the reply!
But I’ve already changed hosting to Cloudways. This works great for Bedrock.

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