Hosting help: NGINX + Amazon EC2 +?

For the project I’m currently working on, I’m thinking about using Amazon’s AWS which I have never used before. I’d also like to use NGINX, which I have also never used before.

I’m curious to know if any veteran members here are familiar with the two and might be able to point to a tutorial or give suggestions.

I see this at AWS Marketplace:

But I’m assumine I would be able to launch my own instance and install NGINX myself to avoid the extra “software” fees by going via their marketplace config…

Anyways, does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Thank you!

I have found that the combination of NGINX + Bootstrap + WordPress is the fastest I could ever get my sites to fly without even having to use a cache plugin or CDN.

I can however warn that WordPress in combination with NGINX does come with some serious challenges.

I have setup my own server with NGINX and it was a steep learning curve to get WordPress to play well with NGINX and I would suggest that you find a hosting company that offers WordPress with NGINX if you are looking for an out of the box solution.

For starters unlike Apache, NGINX does not come with .htaccess if that makes sense to you.

A worthwhile mention is that also runs on NGINX;-)

For NGINX setup I can recommend to start a search for NGINX in the WordPress Codex.

As for Amazon EC2, even though I’m very much aware of it I simply haven’t had a chance to experiment with it yet.

This seems like a detailed walkthrough for Ubuntu/Apache. If you mix in this how-to for Nginx WordPress, you should get a decent set of instructions. Finally, this lists many articles covering EC2 + Nginx + WordPress.

If you find one that works well, let us know. I tried Nginx in a VM on my Ubuntu box, but couldn’t get the combination of VM networking, Nginx setup, and various random factors to align properly. If one of these works well, I may try again.

Have any of us tried any one of these;


I think the next step after achieving this is to have a git-powered push/pull workflow with the setup, which I still can’t find a workable solution for it…

For now it’s either PagodaBox (which is awesome sauce) or WP Engine.

Our new WordPress Stack has Capistrano in-built. It’s a fantastic way to deploy using Git.

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