Hot module not working

Just installed new project and removed Tailwind CSS using this: Replacing Tailwind CSS with Bootstrap | Sage Docs | Roots. Everything is OK except HMR, every time I am getting this error: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found).

“devDependencies”: {
@roots/bud”: “6.20.0”,
@roots/bud-sass”: “6.20.0”,
@roots/bud-stylelint”: “6.20.0”,
@roots/sage”: “6.20.0”

.watch([‘resources/views’, ‘app’]);

If I open the page with I got working HMR but no WP admin bar, and on another page open, I am getting redirected to http://sage-website-2024.local and then there is a error.

Any ideas please?