How Can i customize up (and speed up) my dev process with yarn


with the new gutenberg blocks i would like my backend be similar to my front-end.

In my config.json i added a new “gutenberg.scss” and i load it in the backend and all is perfect.
Now when i “yarn build:production”, i have main.css AND gutenberg.css and it work great but as i’m in the end of the project (fine tuning the backend) it can take some time… (15 s to generate all files).

What i would like is a new yarn command (“yarn gut”) to generate ONLY my gutenberg file to speed up the process.

I was thinking of adding a duplicate of config.json (config-gut.json) and tweaking build/config.js but i didn’t find any directions.

Have someone already done that ? Thx in advance!

ok i did it but i was wrong in the first place.

i added a new “scripts” in package.json
"gut": "webpack --env.production --progress --config resources/assets/build/webpack.config-gut.js",
there i commented out some stuff… and changed the call to webpack.config.optimize to another one where i removed the ImageminPlugin and now i’m under 3s…