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How can I provide db access to a colleague through Sequel Pro?

I followed the instructions here to connect to a site’s production db through Sequel Pro and it worked as expected on my machine. I passed off the instructions to my colleague to provide them access, and they received the following error:

SSH connection failed!
The SSH Tunnel could not authenticate with the remote host. Please check your password and ensure you still have access.

My guess is it’s because they don’t have an SSH key set up in trellis / digital ocean. Can somebody please confirm that this is the issue i’m having, and help me understand how to resolve it?


P.S. My colleague doesn’t need the ability to provision or deploy anything… They only need to access the db.

Pretty sure this is the case. Your colleague will need their public key added to the server on order to connect over ssh.

I’d probably start by adding their public key to your Trellis project. I believe you will want to add them to the web group.

See here -
And here -

Unless there’s a really good reason to do so, I wouldn’t worry too much about them having the ability to deploy in addition to database access. I assume if you’re giving the person access to your db then you have a pretty high degree of trust in the person.

Hope that’s helpful.


Thanks for the reply! I did check out those pages, but was unsure which part specifically to focus on… I’ll give the web section a shot.

Do you think adding it to trellis will be enough? or will it have to be added / configured with the digital ocean droplet as well?

After adding the key, you will need to re-provision the remote server

Yeah I figured that much. I was just wondering if the key had to be tied to the droplet outside of Trellis, as mine is.

No those keys are only needed the first time you try to connect to your droplet before provisioning it

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Awesome, thanks for clearing that up!