How Create A Install-able ZIP File?

So I Developed My First Root/Sage Theme. Now how do I Distribute it to my client ?
Steps I Followed:

  1. composer install
  2. yarn build:production
  3. zipping the folder without node_modules etc.

When I install the file on normal wordpress hosting(i.e. no trellis/bedrock) it says style.css not found.

I found some topics that told me how to do it but it looked like hacking the base of sage which I don’t want to do. Is there any other way ?


WordPress should be able to find it even though it’s a level deep. Are you sure the required files (i.e. style.css, functions.php, etc.) are in resources?

Here is my own tool I use for distributing Sage-based themes via FTP:

Yes It Is

Hi @knowler still getting the same error

Solved Using These Steps