How disable indentation scsss error

Hi, How I can disable this?

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Hi, did you ever find a solution to this? To me there’s no issue since my Prettier formats it correctly on save but for some reason another dev on this project doesn’t have Prettier behaving the expected way.

Sure you can disable this easily by disabling the indentation and no-descending-specififity stylelint rusles (in stylelintrc config file of the project).

However, the indentation rule makes sense (I am not a fan of the no-descending-specififity rule TBH), you will probably want to harmonize the project file text characteristics (line-endings; indentation; encoding; etc.). Are you using an editorconfig file for that project and an editor/IDE that supports it?
Many editors/IDEs also support auto-format/beautifying of existing code and styles so they adhere to the editorsconfig file. This should not only get rid of the stylelint indentation lint errors, but also actually ensure a consistent indentation across all project files.