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I asked a question on here 2 days ago, and it was removed with no response. I have no idea why! Can anyone assist - either with the problem, or with a signpost to a better place to ask my question?

We have taken over a WordPress site that has been deployed with

We do not wish to use this deployment method. How can we convert the WordPress site back to ‘normal’?

Many thanks,

Not sure what you mean by ”deployed using” but assuming that the site is set up using Bedrock, maybe this can help: Migration from bedrock to a normal install

I guess that once you have moved from Bedrock you can deploy it any way you prefer regardless of if the old way was using Trellis ( or Bedrock-Capistrano (which, to my knowledge, are the two deploy methods built by the Roots team).

Presuming you mean the site has been deployed to a server that was provisioned with Trellis, then you should have access to the codebase in a Git repository. When I say “codebase” in the following instructions, that is what I am referring to. These instructions are for migrating the site to another web server configuration on a different remote (VPS or hosting). We will not provide instructions for modifying a Trellis server configuration to accommodate a non-Bedrock WordPress site. That is outside of the scope of this forum and our support.

Here are the instructions:

  1. On the remote server, back up /srv/www/{SITE_URL}/shared/uploads
  2. Create a new WordPress site.
  3. From the codebase, move the contents of the Bedrock site’s /web/app directory to the /wp-content directory in the new install.
  4. Now move the /uploads backup from step 1 to the /wp-content directory in the new install.
  5. Use the contents for the /srv/www/{SITE_URL}/current/.env file in the root of the Bedrock install (on the Trellis server) to fill in your /wp-config.php in the new install. Alternatively, you can access the files from the Ansible vault (provided you have the vault pass). In either case, you will need to update the database credentials for the new server configuration.
  6. Search and replace /app/ for /wp-content/ in the database.

Here’s your original post: How do I remove / uninstall this?

It’s a very vague and broad question which was also confusing and it lacked all basic details. I’m assuming it was “unlisted” for that reason. There are also many existing posts about converting a Bedrock site to a “normal” WP site if that was the main concenr.

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