How do I deploy sage without bedrock or trellis?

Hi, I have a shared hosting account with limited options for installing stuff. I have installed composer and now I want to move over my Sage theme. Can that be done via ssh?
I’m thinking of just copying everything and then run composer install.

In most cases (excluding primarily WPEngine)– it is usually as simple as uploading the theme with SFTP including the vendor folder. If Composer is available on your host, uploading your theme without vendor and running composer install should do the trick.


Hey @Alexls,

Yep, building on what @Log1x said, the core requirements are

  1. Your theme files (the ones you keep under version control that aren’t compiled or installed)
  2. Your vendor folder, which includes your composer dependencies (uploaded or installed on the server with composer install --no-dev)
  3. Your dist folder, which includes your built front-end assets (uploaded or compiled on the server with yarn build:production)

I’d generally recommend having a system to automate this for you rather than performing it manually each time. Here’s one example using DeployBot: Any number of similar services should work, and many have free tiers (including DeployBot).

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Thank you both! :+1:
I copied the theme files with scp, then ran composer install --no-dev and it worked on the first try.

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