How do you deploy to a domain that has CloudFlare proxying it?

I built a site, that now uses CloudFlare, thus proxying traffic. Which, understandably, prevents Trellis from deploying via I’m aware I can connect via IP or an unproxied CName (Ex. But I am unclear about which file(s) I edit in Trellis so the deploy uses the IP or unproxied domain.

I think that editing the hosts file for production would do the trick, but I am afraid to changing such critical settings and destroy or damage a production environment.

Is it as simple as update the URL there? Or is there more to it?

This is the answer

Sometimes you need to just try things out for yourself instead of coming to Roots Discourse and asking for permission…

In my experience trying something like this is highly probable to break the system. Given this change occurs on a production site and this is something that could be in documentation I don’t see any problem with asking.

Thank you for confirming.