How does someone contribute to docs?

As a newbie I’ve had a lot of questions as I’ve deployed Trellis / Bedrock / Sage.

I’ve found that a few key things that could have been answered in the docs weren’t, resulting in my filling up the forums.

I’d like to contribute to these projects, and I thought I could begin by submitting something like Git Pull Requests to the docs. But I didn’t see a Jekyll repository, or anything like that on Github for them. So I’m wondering if it’s possible? Or is there a different way?

Thank you!

There’s a note + link at the bottom of every docs page?

Repo: GitHub - roots/docs: Documentation for Roots projects

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Congratulations Scott! You passed the pop-quiz.

This was actually a test of your observation skills! I know it may be surprising… some contestants vision and brain functions fail them and they overlook such obvious things!

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