How I start a new project with Sage 10?

Hello! My company is starting a new project and we want to use Sage for the first time! Super excited.

Just wanted to know how I can get started with Sage 10? I ran composer create-project roots/sage my-theme-name but it gave me 9.0.10 (as expected). I added dev-master to the previous command to get the master, but I didn’t get all the regular prompts for the styles.css file. How would I go about getting the latest version for the new project?

Also, if we do this now, how would we go about updating to the stable version once that comes around (as I’m guessing those would include BS5 out of alpha).

Thank you!

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Clone the repo, remove the .git folder, and then run yarn upgrade && composer upgrade && yarn start


Done. Thanks! I updated Webpack.mix.js with my proxy, I’m guessing this version doesn’t use the config.json file anymore? AnywayI could choose the CSS framework as you would with the 9.0.10 installation? Thanks!

Hey guys! Good to know the Sage 10.0 isn’t affected by the same diseases as 9.0.10 (postcss related…).

Anyway, the above example gives me Bootstrap pre-installed, is there any way to choose/use Tailwind instead during install or post-install?

Thank you!


They didn’t configure the prompts yet.

Here’s a fork of Sage 10 with Tailwindcss and postcss-nesting instead of Bootstrap and Sass.

You’ll need to change the project name, url, …etc manually by going to the style.css and webpack.mix.js in the theme’s root.


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